May 4, 2011

look who it is

I know everyone already knows Jord is home but I just thought I should post the photos of the airport. Jord asked if we would be there and of course we happily obliged. 
It was so neat being at the airport, I've never been there before when a missionary gets off the plane and it is so awesome and special. I don't know why but I got kind of teary eyed when Jord was hugging his dad. I used to never ever cry but ever since I had Kale I'm a freaking sap. Dang kids
Anyways I'm really grateful that we were invited to go to the airport, I know Jon was really happy about getting to go.  And I was excited for Kale man to meet his Godfather :) 
Even though he was being a turd, he had woken up unusually early that morning and then it was right in the middle of nap time while we were at the airport. Plus he fell asleep in the car on our way out to the airport which made it even worse, waking up a 2 year old is pure misery. But we survived.
 I know it's over a week later, but welcome back Jord!

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