Feb 18, 2011


So as promised I am updating you on Kale man's leg today. So yesterday Jon, Kale, and myself were sitting at our table talking and playing with Kale and next thing we know Kale is dancing.... with both legs. So I did not call the doctor today! He still won't walk on it but I think he's just scared to, when he gets distracted and isn't thinking about it he puts weight on it. So ya, no x-ray for Kale (thankfully)
In other news I thought I would share with you Jon's new baby, no it is not a real baby but it might as well be. Jon got this as a business trade and I am so grateful. He could not do the work he needed to on our laptop. He's constantly saying "man I love this computer" hehe he's so cute. 
It's pretty narfin awesome, I'm so glad that he has a computer that he can do everything he needs to now.
 Also with everyone getting married: Brady and Brooke March on 10th and also a big shout out to Ashley and Feller!!! They got engaged on Valentines day!! WOOHOO! We are so happy for you two! Their big day is May 7th!  Anyways with everyone getting married and Valentines this week I have been thinking a lot about our wedding day and what a perfect day it was. I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and families who support us! We had a wonderful Valentines by the way Jon took the day off and we were able to spend the day just us three, it was great. When we got home from the doctor these were waiting for me, I'm a sucker for roses. 
His mama did raise him right :) But we had a great day together, I really L.O.V.E Valentines day and I hope you all had a great day too!


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