Feb 10, 2011

A litttle bragging

Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day. Today I'm going to brag a little about my main man. I love Jonathan so stinking much, it's amazing how love grows more and more over time, sorry to get all sappy on you.

But I am so grateful for him and all that he does for our family. He works so so hard, and is so dedicated to his family, he tells me every day how beautiful I am and no one makes me laugh harder then him, and no one can make Kale laugh like he can. I am so thankful that I am sealed to him for time and all eternity and that he is such a strong priesthood holder. I'm pretty in love with him in case you couldn't tell. 

But anyways back to the real reason why I am bragging about him today, he is so talented at what he does, I love watching him work because it just amazes me how much there is to renderings and animation... I could never do it, my brain does not function on that level. He is so fast at it and it's just like second nature to him, it's crazy, trust me. This is what he does, this is his offices weekly add they send out, all the renderings are Jonathan's... ya he's awesome.
Pretty awesome huh? 

So I also have to share with you my excitement that my little man is turning 2 on Sunday!!!! Can you believe it? I sure can't. Ya know how everyone says they grow up so fast? They really do, it's scary how fast they grow and go through phases. I swear it does not feel like two years ago he was just this tiny 4 pound 11 ounce dude and now he's a crazy little running around toddler. 
I'm so excited for this weekend, we are going to have lots and lots of fun. Even though he won't remember it I still want to make it special for him and let him have an awesomely fun day. I'm so excited about what we got him I can't help myself from sharing it with you all. 
What the heck is this you might ask? In this magical box is 
Oh yes believe it. 172 magical DVD's. I'm so excited for it to get here I can hardly stand it. It won't make it here by Kale's Birthday but oh well, what do you do? 
(It's not like he knows what the heck a birthday is anyways)
So there you go, I didn't even need to leave my house to get his present, pretty great if you ask me. 
Well I hope you have an amazing day, thanks for reading everyone!


  1. So..how about a Disney marathon?? :) I love everything you said about you and Jon's relationship. You two are so dang cute and the best for each other. I love you guys! See you this weekend.

  2. Lets do it, one saturday we'll just watch disney's all day long :)