Feb 17, 2011

Kale the Gimpy Birthday Boy

Helloooo everyone,
As you know my little man turned 2 on Sunday. I'm still in shock a little that my baby is 2 now. We wanted to do something fun for him so we took him to Kangaroo Zoo. We were there for 15 maybe 20 minutes and Kale got hurt. He hyper-extended his right leg, we took him to the doctor and he said that if by the end of the week he wasn't walking on it we would need to get an x-ray. Well it is now Thursday and he's still not walking on it and it's not looking like he's going to anytime soon :( So I think I'll be making another call to the doctor tomorrow.
 I forgot how much of a luxury it is to have a baby that walks. Crawling is no bueno. So I will update again as soon as we know more about little man's leg. 
We didn't take too many pictures of Kale's birthday parties (yes plural on parties, we had one for Jon's family and a different one for my family cause both our humongous families together is a lot of family at once) But he was pretty cranky and we were just trying to keep him happy. But here are a few that we did take. 
This was lunch before we went to Kangaroo Zoo, he likes to wear daddy's hats.

Opening presents with Grandma.
 See I told you he wasn't very happy
We are attractive I know

Opening some more presents

 Yosh and Chelsea
She REALLY wanted his ring pop
Bestest best friends
 Just one good picture... that's all I ask
Kale and daddy play a game where they point to each other and go YOU!!! Kale thinks it's hilarious.
 Nummy meatloaf
Until next time folks have a wonderful day!

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