Jan 20, 2011

The week

This week I have sat down to update our blog three times and after five minutes I get up and leave, but I'm not going to leave until it is done!
This past weekend was a lot of fun, on friday.... well to be honest I think all we did was get cafe rio and watch a movie with Brady but it was still fun! 
Saturday I went to Michelle Emmon's baby shower which was really fun, it was so nice to have some girl time/talk, I think I was there for like four hours.. 
Then we went to the car show later that night. I was so freaking excited, it's become a little tradition of ours to go to the car show every year. It was so packed!! The number one reason I wanted to go was to see this little baby
 Isn't she perty? This is my dream car by the way. Anyways the jeep they had there was so packed with people the whole time I didn't even get to get in it :( (I have already been in one though, Jon was the first non dealer in Utah to drive one, lucky narf. But I was more than happy to sit in the back seat.) ANYWAYS so I was bummed about that but then there was Kale man..
Kale is sort of OBSESSED with cars so we thought taking him to the car show would be a fun thing for him right? Sweet mother were we wrong. He liked it, it's just that he wanted to get into EVERY SINGLE car to "drive" it and when we didn't let him in every single freaking car he had a major and when i say major i mean MAJOR temper tantrum, it was quite the night. (this was right before we left for the car show)
 Monday night Kale started to cough a lot but I didn't think anything of it. Then on Tuesday his asthma was horrible, I couldn't get it under control and he was coughing all day long. On Wednesday when he woke up it was even worse so I finally called the doctor to bring him in. I thought something had just triggered an asthma attack that I couldn't get under control. Oh no, turns out Kale has Pneumonia, awesome! 
May I just say I HATE HATE HATE genetics sometimes? What I mean is that I hate that everything bad we have gets passed on to our kids, asthma, allergies you get the point. 
So it is going to be a very long couple of weeks while Kale gets over it. I'm just grateful that he is still his little self. He is still eating and running around like crazy, just wheezing and coughing non-stop. 

Poor little guy first the flu and now this, what the narf.
Other things going on right now, 
I need a hair cut and color so bad and I really hope Rachel will do it today. This is Kale's first hair cut.

My dad took Josh and Chelsea snowmobiling and I'm really jealous. I haven't been for over two years! Sigh... this is my dad by the way, he's awesome at snowmobiling.

Jon is very very busy with work, and has lost 30 pounds since April and now another 13.6 in the past two weeks on top of that! Go Jonathan

We got a heater!! A very long awaited and much needed heater for our downstairs, yes I took a picture of it, that's how excited I am.

Kale has a little obsession with graham crackers. 

I miss baking... I need an event that I have to take a treat to so I can make something. And I promise I will put up a baking post very soon!
I'm still trying to figure out Photoshop.. there is a lot to learn but i'm excited! 
We miss our friends up in Logan.

Kale is really cute. And I love my family very very much.
 Wow what a long post.. I promise I'm done.


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  2. I love that i made it in your blog! haha. The shower was so fun! It was a very much needed girls day!
    You have so much going on in your life. I hope poor little kale gets better soon! Let me know if you guys need anything!

  3. Poor Kale! Hopefully he gets better soon, I'm sorry! I love the car shows too, sad I missed it this year. It's been a while now, hopefully I can see you guys soon. And seriously Jon? 46 pounds? Holy!

  4. PNEUMONIA?!?! I'm so sorry. I agree, that part of genetics sucks rocks. Poor Mister Kalo!