Jan 10, 2011

Poor Poor Baby

My Kale man is sick. Ugh. There is nothing worse then when your baby is sick. Saturday night when I was putting Kale to bed he was crying really hard which is not like him, then I picked him up off the changing table and it hit. He just totally erupted, it was so sad. I was so stunned I couldn't do anything but just stand there while he puked all over me. By the time he was finished he was completely covered, I was completely covered, the floor and his crib were also drenched, gross I know. 

Kale has a pretty sensitive stomach as it is and I have really become immune and desensitized to puke and the wonderful smells that come from it by now. But, I have to tell ya this puke really got to me. After he finished I seriously couldn't move, I started to dry-heave which I have never ever done when Kale has puked before. I'm going to say it's probably because I had puke on my face, in my hair, down my neck and into my sweatshirt, down my jeans and into my ugg boots, lovely right? I thought so. I just screamed at the top of my lungs for Jon and I had to just give Kale to Jon and walk out of the room. I just needed to take two minutes to change and get it off my face... and my hair. 

So after we got him bathed and everything all cleaned up we put him to bed and watched Prince of Persia with Brady (who was there for the whole puking episode, I'm just glad he was downstairs for it). 
How sad is this? This was right after he woke up from one of his naps and he was so hot I just took all of his clothes off and put him on his chair with his blankie and bear. Poor little guy.
 Let's just say Saturday night was probably the worst night EVER! At 2:00 a.m. it started up again, then three more times throughout the night, poor little guy. Then all day Sunday he had HORRIBLE diarrhea, which of course led to a pretty good diaper rash on his bum. And on top of that he had a fever of 101 to 102 all day. He started to get a little energy in the evening and I thought the worst of it was over but then right around bed time the fever came back and he just hit a wall. 

Today he woke up with a fever of 102.5 which isn't super high but I called the doctor anyway. And I don't know why. I knew calling what they were going to say. "Well there isn't anything we can do, just keep giving him lots of fluids and put him on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice cereal, applesauce, toast) and give him Tylenol". But, I still called and like always I got disappointed that I couldn't do more for him. It seriously is the most frustrating thing in the entire world watching your baby so sick knowing that there is nothing that you can do for him, I HATE it.

There is however one upside to my baby being sick, and that is all the cuddling I get to do :). I can't get enough of it and Kale only cuddles when he's tired or first wakes up but it lasts about two minutes at the most. And I know it sounds evil, but I love it lol, I can't help it! I love love love to cuddle. So today has been a cuddle in pj's day and .. that's about it, which I am more than ok with. Kale has just been dead all day and hasn't eaten anything but crackers and Pedialyte. I really really hope that he gets better soon, and I hope that tomorrow will be a better day! I will update again when he is better, thanks for reading!
 Sure loves him some Pedialyte, not the bread though, unfortunately :(

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