Jan 24, 2011


I'm not a crafty person. I wish I was and I try to be but everything I try never really works out the way I want it to. But this little project I really love. Ever since we have moved in our t.v. wall has been driving me crazy. It's the biggest wall in our house and it has had nothing on it but our t.v. and it looked so plain and boring. I should have taken a before picture of the wall so you could see how plain and boring it was but I forgot, sorry.
The other day I saw a really cute plaque that said home sweet home and I bought it to put up on our cabinets cause they are in desperate need of some stuff as well. When I bought it, it was up high on a shelf and I couldn't see it very well.
I got it home, opened up the box and it's not what I thought it was, it had hooks on it and was definitely not made for cabinets but I didn't want to take it back cause I loved it so much. So I thought and thought of what I could do with it and finally I got an idea and here it is

It sure looks a lot better than it did before and I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

This is what Rachel brought me back from Paris, I freaking love it. Sorry it's not a better picture but it is such a beautiful painting and Moulin Rouge is one of my absolute favorite movies of all times. No matter how many times I watch it I still get chills and cry every time.
Kale is doing awesome, still coughing all the time and having a hard time breathing but other than that he really is doing good which I am so so grateful for. He does not like the medicine the doc gave him though, he pukes every time we give it to him, but I don't blame him, I tried a little bit of it and almost puked myself it's so freaking nasty. And ya he still loves his graham crackers.


  1. Em, I just love you so much! I laughed out loud when you said he's having a hard time breathing but other than that he's really good. Only us asthma nerds can understand that feeling. Who needs air anyway, right??? Glad he's doing better!