Jan 31, 2011

Friends, Festivals, and RM's

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!!! Did you know that January 31 is National bubble wrap appreciation day? I sure didn't. Who comes up with these things? Anyways I hope you all have an amazing day, go pop some bubble wrap. 
Onto better things. This past weekend was such an awesome weekend. We had so so so much fun with all of our amazing friends. 
Wednesday the 26th Ben and Jett got home off their missions. I am so glad they are home and I know Jon is too, it was so good to see them.
I think we need to get this shirt for them... 

We decided that we were all going to have a big sleepover at our house on Friday because everyone was down from Logan and obviously cause Ben and Jett were home. 
So Friday was great, I got to play volleyball in the morning, I miss playing every day so so bad I play with a bunch of ladies that I love, it seriously is always one of the highlights of my week. 
Then I came home and cleaned my seriously messy house with Kale man all day long. 
Friday night Jon, me and Kale went to Walmart for a bit, then when we got home Karin came over before everyone else got there. We talked for probably an hour or more and it was so nice, we hadn't seen her forever.
Then Jamie, Ashley, Feller, Brady and Brooke came over and we all played Disney Scene it. It was so much fun, I get wayyy to into games like that though...
 Cute Karin and Jame.... They won by the way, narfers. I still love them though. 
Sorry about the yellowness of some of the pictures.
 And why can men never take a normal picture? The proof is right here

See I told you. At least it's a good one of all the girlies. 
And by the way
They got engaged on Friday!!! The big day is March 10th!!! We are SOOOO excited for you guys!!!!!
After playing games we all talked for a bit, and then the girls left and I went to bed and then Ben came over and Jon, Fell and Ben all had a sleepover downstairs, just like in high school. I fell asleep at two and I could still here them downstairs chit chatting away, cute. 
Saturday morning Jame and Ash came back and we had a BIG breakfast. Really though, I think I made enough waffles to feed a small country. 
 This picture does not do the waffles justice. We had a really great time. It was so nice to be back together with everyone. 
Hey look it's Ben.
Love these people.
Everyone was SO full..
Everyone cleaning up. I love how Jame is super happy drying that pan, and Ash is headless.

After breakfast we were all in a food coma for a bit. 

After breakfast they all went to the temple. We couldn't get a babysitter and plus I had a shower I had to get too. It was for Jess Park, I love that girl to death! I'm so so excited for her, she is one beautiful bride!
As soon as I got home from Jess's shower Jame, Ash, Karin, Brooke and I all went to the Bridal Festival!
It seriously was so much fun, and I've been married for two years. I love those girls so much. There was so much free food there, no joke almost every booth had free food and did we ever turn any down? No sir. 
On our way there

 This is at the fashion show. It was actually pretty entertaining and Brooke won a prize for being the most recently engaged!

 All of us and cute little Avery. (Ash's niece)

It was so much fun, I would recommend going to one of these if you are planning a wedding!
Best part of the whole thing was there was a homeless guy sleeping by the doors as we were leaving and Karin set her cupcake down next to him hahaha it was great. 
After the bridal festival Jon, me, Brady and Brooke went to the Pizza Factory. It was our first time eating out since we finished with HCG and I ate WAY too much.

After dinner we went and walked through Brady and Brooke's new apartment. It't so awesome and perfect I am so excited for them!!
Later that night everyone came over (Ash and Fell, Ben and..... some girl that I can't remember her name (sorry!) Jett and Jill Brady and Brooke and Jon and I) and we played Disney Scene It again, I love that game! Me and Jon won :) After that we turned on Bolt and EVERYONE  fell asleep, we only made through about 15 minutes of it.
 Sunday was Jett's homecoming, and he gave a great talk. We had my mom watch Kale for us while we went and I got to tell ya, it was SO nice to be able to sit all the way through a sacrament meeting, it was probably the first time in two years.
Kale is doing so much better! Yay! His cough is pretty much non existent (is that a word?) and he's back to himself. I'm so grateful that it didn't last very long, I am done with cold and flu season! 
This is his spot to eat his grahams and watch t.v.
He's so stinking cute, I love that boy.
Sunday night we went to my families for dinner, everyone was there and it was so good to see them all. We played Disney Scene It yet again and guess what, we won :) 
We had such an amazing weekend and are so grateful for all of our wonderful friends and family that we are so blessed to have in our lives, we love you all!
And for those of you who care, and enjoy mocking me, I didn't say freaking once. Get it out

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