Dec 13, 2012

Cheap Little Me

Alright so I have a confession.
The reason why I haven't been blogging is because I am oober bugged about the fact that my Picassa Web Albums is full and I do NOT want to have to pay to blog.
And who wants to read a blog with no photos?
Do any of you bloggers know of any other options? 
Or is that the only way to go.
Ya, I know it's only a whopping $2 bucks a month but I am THAT  cheap right now. 
ANY helpful tips would be mucho appreciated!
I have SOOO much I want and need to blog about. 
Like how on Thanksgiving night, the night I was supposed to go Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister I got food poisoning from left over Mexican the night before and spent my entire Thanksgiving evening and night puking my guts out.
That happened.
Ya,  LOADS to blog about. 
Thanks ladies! 


  1. Do you have google+ on your phone? I reached my picasa limit like a year ago but now what I do is upload photos off my phone which loads directly into my gmail account and can be used in blogger and a huge benefit is if you ever lose your phone they're saved online OR create a photobucket account, you can load your photos onto there from your camera and then just embed the photos into your posts :) I think the picasa album thing is cheap on their part. Hope this helps so we can see more posts of your fun happenings!

  2. On my google account I just paid a one time year upgrade of like $10. it was the easiest solution for me.

  3. Okay AM I missing something here??
    None of my pictures are on a website...
    I just upload them straight from my computer..

    ? Shoot.

    1. Ya I didn't know this until a while back. SO apparently when you upload pics from your computer they get saved onto a site called Picassa Web Albums and once its full you have to either pay or upload them differently, super lame.