Jul 27, 2012

Oh Hi.

Well hello there blog world. It's been a while. 
To be honest for a while there I had completely given up on the blog.
I had zero desire to sit down and blog. 
To my surprise, lots of people have asked me why the heck I stopped blogging and that they miss my blog. 
It put a little smile on my face.
So, here I am, actually sitting down, while everyone is asleep to blog.
And I'm kind of excited about it :)
As you can imagine A LOT has happened in almost 3 months.
For the sanity for those of you reading this (and me writing it,) I will try to be as brief as possible.
Ok, here we go.
Micah had his baby blessing.
Jon gave him such an amazing and beautiful blessing.
 That's Mr. Micah all tuckered out on his blessing day. He looked so handsome.
Micah is growing up too fast for me to handle, but at the same time I absolutely love it.
This is such a fun age, and he is such a happy baby. 
People are always commenting on what a happy and sweet demeanor he has.
 Just a few pics of the Micah man...
 In case you couldn't tell, he FINALLY figured out how to suck his thumb on his own, and it is constantly in his mouth.
He also started on whole wheat cereal, to say he loves it would be an understatement.
 Micah got his first haircut today. 
He HATED it.
And of course I don't have an after picture uploaded yet.
Micah also started rolling over.
Cute little stink...
Onto Kale Thomas.
Kale is uhmazing.
He is getting so big, and smart, and funny, and strong, and on and on and on.
I could go on all day about this kid.
He says the funniest stuff, and I swear I cannot stay mad at him for more than five minutes, that little turd.
The other day he walked in the the kitchen and with EXTREME sassyness says this to me:
OH MY GOSH! Are you freaking kidding me! 
It was another one of those moments where it took everything in me to not bust up laughing.
I failed.
I can't believe the things he picks up on... And I know exactly where that sentence came from.
We signed Kale up for preschool.
When the heck did he grow up into this little boy?!
He starts this fall and I am beyond elated for him to go.
We are also looking for sport teams to get him into, that boy has more energy then he knows what to do with and he is going to be awesome at sports.
  Kale has surpassed any and all expectations we had for him as a big brother.
He is amazing with Micah and I know with out a shadow of a doubt that he loves him with all his heart.
And because of him being so sweet, and loving to Micah, Micah is now just as in love and obsessed with Kale.
It has been such an amazing experience to watch their relationship grow, and it amazes me because they are still so young.
They both light up when they see each other, seriously, it's beyond precious.
Not to mention Micah thinks Kale is just about the funniest thing on the planet and no one can get Micah laughing like Kale can.
 It's so much fun to watch them play and interact with each other.
And ya that picture up above would be Kale trying to feed Micah.
Talk about awkward moment.
Jon got a new job! 
He is now director of the visualization department at Layton Construction!
I am so proud of him, he is already killing it at his new job.
It is such a blessing, for the first time since we have been married we have benefits!
I cannot even begin to express to you my sheer and utter joy!
We have just been enjoying our summer.
We had our yearly Ferguson reunion which was so much fun, even though we got rained out..
We have spent a lot of time at the zoo, Kale could go there every single day.
 Those are a few of the highlights from the past few months.
I think I have successfully failed at keeping this a short post.
Here are some more pics of whats been happening as of lately.
 Till next time.
P.S. I need a new blog name because obviously JEK no longer applies.
Any suggestions? :)


  1. What cute brothers! Micah's laugh is HILARIOUS, and I love watching you crack up and how you can hear Jon laughing the whole time :) I miss you guys! Hopefully life will slow down soon enough so we can get together. Jon's job sounds awesome! I'm going to talk to Josh and Amber and see if we can get Known to do some advertising at the rec center for us :) we shall see.
    Love you!

  2. I love that you are blogging again! I have been waiting. Patiently I might add. :] Those boys are to die for. I miss hearing little Kale say my name. He's such a heart throb. Not to mention my arms aching to hold baby m. You gorgeous as always. Miss you guys!

  3. Em you are beautiful! And your little boys are adorable! I can't believe how cute they are. I love reading about your family! It makes me so happy!