May 9, 2012


I have sat down to the computer at least five times now to write a post, and every time, something comes up and I don't finish.
I. will. finish. this. post.
However, I only have time for a quick update, so here ya go.
We celebrated my Birthday last month, I got seriously spoiled and had an amazing day. 
 Kale is talking so good (and so much) now, it is so nice because he's not getting frustrated anymore because he can't express what he wants, now he tells us exactly and he can understand us exactly and it is SO nice.
 Yes, that is dirt.
He is such a boy, he is always running and climbing and throwing balls and getting dirty, he's just the greatest, period.
Micah is doing awesome and getting FAT (and I love it, fat babies are the best!)
 He turned 2 months old yesterday and had his awful dr. visit, and got three shots, poor little guy.
At his 2 week appointment he was in the 7% for weight and 11% for length.
At his 2 month appointment he was in the 72% for weight and 86% for length.
That's my boy!
And his head was in the 43% just in case you were wondering :)
Gotta love the Bumbo.
Micah has also started sucking his thumb, I'm not going to lie it's pretty freaking cute. 
He is such a good, happy baby which I am so so thankful for, he is always smiling, it melts my heart.
Jon is CRAZY busy these days. I'm so grateful I married such a driven and hard working man.
 I love him.. A lot.
Kale is definitely a daddies boy.
All he asks for and talks about all day is dad, and when he hears the garage open when Jon gets home, Kale books it as fast as he can downstairs to go get him.
 Things have been pretty nutso around here lately, it feels like we have something going on every single day/night, but it's kind of nice... weird?
I guess I like being busy over not being busy.
I will post more pics soon, (that aren't off of Instagram) I got a new phone and I'm having a retard moment and can't get any pics onto my computer, so as soon as I have my computer savvy hubby help me, I'll post them. :)
This pic kills me, I can't believe I got Micah with a grin, love my boys.
Till next time.


  1. Emily I stalk your blog, and your little family is so stinkin cute! That last pic with you and your 2 boys shows how much you all look alike!

    1. Maddie, you are so sweet, I'm glad you posted this cause now I can stalk you as well! :)