Mar 5, 2012

Bring on Baby!!!

 Me and Kale headed to the park today after the gym, how on earth could we pass up being outside on a day like this?
I really wish it would just stay warm, I usually don't mind the snow but I am ready for some sun!
I can't even begin to tell you how ready I am to have this little man.
SOOOO ready.
I have gotten so pampered lately.
Thursday I got my hair done by Rachel.
Friday I got my lashes done, and Kale man got a very much needed haircut, also by Rachel.
I wish you could see his haircut better in the photo cause it's stinking cute, he sure is one studly little man. :)
I am not going to lie, I absolutely LOVE having a sister that is a beautician. 
Saturday the Ferguson girls threw me a baby shower.
My sweet mother in law Renae went all out, she is just amazing.
First, she had a lady come to her house and she did glitter toes on all of us.
Since I just got my toes tone the other week I decided to do my nails.
I went out of the norm and got gold glitter on my nails, I'm so glad that the girls talked me into it cause I absolutely love it, it's really fun for a change.
 My dad called them Vegas nails, they're pretty freaking awesome.
 Awesome right? I know your jealous.
Then we played some fun baby shower games, complete with prizes.
I won a shower gel and loofah and a cute pack of thank you cards.
Then we had dinner from Rumbis mmmm, delicious, followed by chocolate covered strawberries for desert that were absolutely divine.
After that all the boys and kiddos came over and Renae watched all our kids for us while the couples went out and saw This Means War, which was freaking hilarious, I absolutely loved it.
After the movie we went back and opened presents, little man got some seriously cute stuff.
A big thank you to the Ferg ladies for throwing me a shower, and especially to Renae, who went way above and beyond, it was such a fun night!
After all this pampering I've been getting I feel completely ready for baby to come.
We've got our go bag ready, and now it's just a waiting game.
In case you haven't caught on I'm still really hoping that he will decide to come on his own before next Friday.
Please oh please oh please just come little boy, I am beyond ready.
Happy Monday everyone, and wish me luck!

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