Jan 24, 2012

Yummo Smoothie

 So here's the deal, I know that after I work out I should be drinking some sort of recovery drink, but I don't exactly care for them. 
 I was reading one of my new favorite blogs bodyofamother.com (thank you to those of you who turned me on to her site) and saw that she makes her recovery drinks into smoothies with fruit.
I couldn't wait to try this out.
I am no where near as fancy as she is with ingredients but what I put in mine was half a scoop of Jon's protein, a large handful of spinach, a handful of strawberries, and a banana.
The protein is cookies and cream flavor and I was worried how all these different flavors would come together, but it was freaking amazing.
It looks a bit nasty I know, but I devoured that thing.
Yes! I am so happy I now have a way to love recovery drinks.
 On another note I put up our (cough) two Valentines Day decorations that I made last year. 
I wanted to be able to see the LOVE one when you walk into our house but the thing I hung it on last year is now down the hall by our bathroom.
So I decided to use my extra curtain rod I had lying around and I like the way it turned out.
Just don't look too closely at the ghetto wall hangers I used.
I wasn't about to put holes into the wall for a few weeks of use though.
I got Kale man all registered for his surgery today. 
Ah! I think I might have a nervous breakdown, Jon keeps telling me to calm down but I can't help it I am terrified, and I'm sure the pregnancy hormones are definitely NOT helping. 
I guess I'll just be a nervous wreck till it's over.
Happy national peanut butter day, go make some peanut butter cookies and enjoy them for me :)
Till next time.

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