Jan 10, 2012

Holiday Bliss

 Friday (the 23rd) me and Kale man started out the day by heading up to my moms house to make sugar cookies.
Kale and Londyn had a blast doing this, they were pro's at putting about an inch of sprinkles on a single cookie.
That night Jon, Kale and I got all dressed up for a fun night out.
We went to Iggy's for dinner and then headed over to the new Megaplex to see Arthur Christmas.
It was the perfect movie to see, it was really cute, and it got us in the holiday spirit.
 Christmas Eve day we had to go pick up some last minute gifts (slackers I know) then we went up to my parents for my families big Christmas eve dinner. 
My grandma Mazee has a tradition for all the younger kids, she gives them brown paper packages tied up with strings filled with an assortment of their favorite things. Everything from fun little toys to food and goodies.
Yes, as in brown paper packages tied up with strings from The Sound of Music, and yes my Mazee is the best.
This year was the first that Kale got a brown paper package and he loved it.
We didn't get back home till around 12:30 and this was the first year that Kale understood Santa so we stayed up nice and late wrapping a few last minute things and setting everything under the tree for the morning.
 Christmas morning we actually had to wake Kale up to open presents.
He was a little cranky at first to be honest.
He takes after his momma and does not like to be woken up.
After we finished tearing through all our gifts we went up to my parents to have Christmas morning with them as well.
Christmas Day is with out a doubt my most favorite day for food out of the entire year.
We have a feast all day long from the minute we wake up till we go to bed.
Christmas night all my mom's family came over to their house for dinner (the most amazing dinner ever I might add)
We truly had a spectacular Christmas, we are so blessed to have such amazing family that we got to spend the holiday's with. 
Till next time.


  1. You guys were way busy! Cute ornament gift idea from your grandma :)

  2. I'm loving all the posts! I am such a slacker, I actually took picture and didn't even post them... dur. I also love brown paper packages, that is so cute!

    1. I have been so bad lately too, I just realized the other day that I never posted the pics from our Halloween party, woops!