Oct 26, 2011

Kailee Joe's Birthday Party

Cute miss Joe turned 5 this year! 
(holy poo)
and like last year she wanted a fun Halloween Birthday party.
Kailee is my... umm I don't know what she is to me actually, 
She's my cousins daughter, but she's more like a niece to me... 
So what does that make her?
Anyways Kale and Londyn always have a blast, they have fun games and activities for the kiddos and this year it was outside at a park so it was perfect.
This picture is the epitome of their relationship.. 
Let's just say it's a love hate relationship and leave it at that.
 This was the third attempt of getting a pic with him, I gave up after this.
 All the kiddos in their costumes... Ya my child is the only one not dressed up, I will explain later.
Miss Joe blowin out her candles. Thanks for the fun day guys, we love you!
While on the subject of dressing up, Kale found a pretty nifty outfit at grandma's house the other day.
He was begging to put it on, which Jon wasn't too thrilled about. And of course grandma's can never say no so she put it on for him.
 Don't judge, he loved it though.
Till next time!

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