Oct 27, 2011

best way to start a morning

I love seeing ripe bananas on my counter cause it means it's time for banana bread.
Me and Kale always have so much fun baking together.
It keeps his little hands busy, therefore keeping him interested, it's the perfect activity for a 2 year old.
We always get a little messy but that's the fun part right?
Today was a bit more messy then usual, I didn't put the lid back on my sugar bin and Kale decided the bread needed more sugar and dumped it all over the counter, luckily missing the bread mixture, but making quite the mess. 
His shirt is caked with flour and who knows what else but he's a boy, it's good for him :)
 Nothing makes your house smell better then banana bread does, I love it.
 Till next time!

1 comment:

  1. Em, this post was so cute. Made me want a baby. :) Not for a while though! I was wondering how you made that delicious looking banana bread? I wanna try it. Love you!