Sep 12, 2011

This Time Around

Last post I did I was in a very big hurry and didn't have time to talk about the little announcement.
So today you get to hear all about it.
Today I am 13 weeks and 1 day, almost done with the first trimester!
When I was pregnant with Kale man I never got sick, I can remember the few times that I was sick and they were rare and few between.
I felt great pretty much my whole pregnancy with Kale (up until the end of course)
If your wondering what I mean read this post Kale's Birth Story
This time around has been night and day different.
At first I was exhausted all the time, no matter how much I slept.
Then a little while later the nausea hit... And it never seemed to go away.
Now the exhaustion and nausea is slowly dying out, but it has not been a pleasant last couple of weeks.
Remember a little while ago how I said I had excuses as to why I hadn't been keeping up on the blogging?
It's because I have been sick and so tired that when Kale goes down for a nap or bed time, I do too, therefore, no blog time.
But now that things are getting better the blog will not be ignored.
I must say thank you to Jon for helping me out so much lately.
For cleaning, cooking, and watching Kale when you get home from a 16 hour work day, you are the best babe.  
And also to my mom who has helped me so much throughout the day while Jon's at work and for letting us eat dinner with you because I don't feel like cooking.
Like I said things are slowly getting better, I am so excited to be done with the first trimester I can't even tell ya.
Sorry if I seem to be complaining a lot, just kind of how things have been lately.
We went to the doctor yesterday, I love going to the doctor!
I feel like a little kid on Christmas, you get to talk about your baby, hear your babies heartbeat, and get to watch your baby in your belly, what could be better than that?
I look forward to it every month.
Another exciting thing is we get to find out what our little person is on October 5th!
It's going to be here before I know it!
I am so excited to have another little one.
If I am being perfectly honest with you I am freaking out at the same time.
It is unbelievably overwhelming to think that in a few months I am going to have another baby.
Jon has been SO amazing with me and has helped me so much.
He knows how overwhelmed with all of this I am and he keeps me so level headed and grounded, I truly would be a wreck without him.
I don't want you all to think that I am not excited for this because I cannot wait, it's just a lot to handle and I'm sure you can all understand what I mean.
Happy last week of the first trimester :)
Little baby is almost three inches long and weighs an ounce.
Belly pics soon to come :)

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