Sep 13, 2011

Healing Field

Every year in Sandy a flag company puts up an American flag for every person that died on September 11th.
Being able to see this and get an idea of just how many lost their lives on that day is an extremely sobering and humbling experience.
Seeing these flags really put it in perspective how many people died, and you can't help but become a little angry and extremely saddened at it all.
This year they also revealed a monument of the iconic photo taken on 9/11 of the three fire fighters putting up the American flag in all the ruble, and it is amazing.
It's called hope rising. 
Each flag has a card attached to it that honors a person who died that day.
It has their name, age, location of their death and a small paragraph about that person, most were about why there were there on that day, or the things that they enjoyed in their life. They were extremely touching to say the least.
It was so neat to read about these people, you could spend days reading all of these cards.
The flags are on two separate fields that take up two city blocks and they categorize it by the place the person died.
They do this every year and I would definitely recommend going next year, it's amazing and very eye opening.
 Flags as far as you can see. Field 1
 Field 2.
 God Bless America.

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