Jul 20, 2011

New Fergs

Happy Wednesday everyone. 
Just thought I should share some fun and exciting news, yesterday Jon's sister Rachelle had her twins!
The first twins of the Ferg clan. 
 How precious are they?
Hayden on the left and Katelyn on the right, Hayden was 5lbs 14 oz and Katelyn was 6lbs 7oz. 
That's a lot of babies, and especially for teeny little Shell.
I totally stole that picture off of Shell's Facebook but it's not like I can get my own pics, they live in Georgia for heavens sake. So I hope they don't care that I stole their picture.
I wish we could go out there to see them so bad, but they are coming to Utah for Thanksgiving so I guess we will have to wait till then. 
 Congrats to Shell and Peter, we are so excited and happy for you guys!

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