Apr 5, 2011


Saturday after the Priesthood session me and Jon decided that we were going to go out to dinner. So we took Kale man up to my mom's house and headed out. As you all know it was raining so freaking bad so we wanted to stay in Bountiful so we didn't have to drive a whole lot. 
Well we couldn't think of anything in Bountiful that sounded good so, we decided to splurge a little and we drove all the way out to Murray to the Cheesecake Factory. So much for not driving far.
But sweet mother it was SO worth the drive. We hadn't been there forever and I forgot how good it is. I got pasta Da Vinci and it was absolutely divine. Seriously one of the best pasta dishes I've ever had and Jon got a massive burger that he said was the best burger he's ever had. 
And of course you can't go to Cheesecake Factory without getting desert right? We couldn't agree on one so Jon got the Reese's cheesecake and I got the red velvet cheesecake and both were amazing. We got them to go, and ate them while watching a movie in bed, it was great.
We are so lucky to have parents that watch Kale for us so willingly when we need a night out. I felt so bad. We didn't even get to Cheesecake Factory till 9:15, didn't sit down till 10 and didn't leave till after 11. It was PACKED. 
But my mom and dad were so awesome and didn't care one bit. 
I have to share my embarrassing story of the week. And whats even better than an embarrassing story is an embarrassing fart story. 
So first of all I got on to post my embarrassing fart story with you all and before I started, I was reading the blogs I follow and I got on Ash's blog and her post was about a fart story too! Why the heck are farts so funny? 
So yesterday me and Jon went to the gym, we were in the Cinema doing bikes while watching the X-Files. The bikes in the Cinema's at Gold's are in the very front row with treadmills and ellipticals behind them. If you've seen X-Files you know it's a loud fast paced movie right?
So with it being so loud in there Jon decided that he could rip one. 
At the exact moment he decided to do this the movie went DEAD SILENT. And let me tell you, this was no quiet toot. 
I could not believe that he just ripped this massive fart with all these people around!
I was in shock and just sat there staring at him with my mouth wide open. 
The best part about it is, right after he did it he busted up laughing, so if there was any question about who it was before, it was gone at this point. 
After a couple seconds I couldn't help myself from bursting up laughing as well, we were laughing for quite a while and could not stop... I can only imagine what the people behind us were thinking. 
Hopefully Jon won't be to mad/embarrassed that I shared our fart story with you all, it was just too great not to share.


  1. Fun date night :) I was right there at (believe it or not) Chuck-a-rama with my mom and sister haha, it totally WAS packed at Cheesecake factory, or else we would've gone there instead of up-chuck.
    Farting is seriously the funniest. Too bad it's "gross" when girls let it out.

  2. eew barf-a-rama. just wait, soon you'll be married and you can toot in front of him as much as you want and there's not a dang thing he can do about it, he's stuck with ya :)

  3. My roommate and I are laughing hysterically at your fart story. loved it.

  4. YES! I love it! Why are farts so funny anyway? I will have to read this to Ben when he gets home lol oh my goodness I am laughing right not out loud lol hahahah