Jan 30, 2012

Operation: Potty Training

Well it's official now, operation potty training has begun.
Is it mean if I say "shoot me now?"
The reason behind why today of all days I decided to start potty training, is this.
First, as I said before, every time Kale pees he just screams and shakes and it hurts him sooo bad.
Secondly, yesterday evening Kale hadn't pooped since his surgery so we decided to give him a little Miralax to help things along.
Then this morning, thanks to the Miralax, Kale had a blowout, and this was no normal blowout, this was the blowout of all blowouts.
For some reason, the poop made his "owie" bleed where his stitches are, and it was bleeding pretty bad.
So from there on I decided that diapers were no more, so that his peep and poop can't hurt his "owie" anymore.
It's been a very long, and frustrating day.
He has had four accidents, one during nap time, thankfully though, no poop accidents.
Everyone I've talked to about potty training said that basically it freaking sucks, especially if it's the first child, and even more so if it's a boy.
Man were they right!
I know it's only the first day and that (hopefully) it will get better, but for now, it's not very fun.
Wish my little man luck, that he will catch on quickly and get this thing down!
Till next time!

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