Aug 1, 2011

ventilation time.

We had a blast this weekend in Bear Lake! I will be posting the few pictures I took of our trip soon.
But for today I am feeling a need to vent.
So you all know that I view my blog as sort of a journal of us three's lives?
Having said that,
I am going to be honest with you all and tell you things that bother me, make me mad, make me sad, and things that I think a lot of people wouldn't share so it doesn't ruin the "image" they are trying to portray.
I think here in Utah perfectionism is a MAJOR issue, especially in women.
So this is why I tell you things that bother me and make me angry, because I want you all to know that I am not perfect, I do not have a perfect family, and I do not have a perfect life.
Do I love my life?
With out a doubt, and I wouldn't change a thing.
But we aren't perfect.
So today I am going to share with you something that really bothers me.
I have always had issues with girl friends. 
That is why I would hang out with mainly guys in high school, I just couldn't take the drama for too long.
And when I got out of high school and got pregnant, I felt like a lot of my closest friends abandoned me.
Do you ever feel like no one gives a crap about you?
That is how I felt, (and sometimes still feel) about certain people.
And it just plain pisses me off.
I finally have gotten to a point where I am done putting in the effort to try and keep this "friendship" going and I try to forget about it.
But it still hurts deep down to feel not cared about by close friends that I still care deeply about.
 I totally understand that not all friend ships last, I guess the thing that bothers me is how people can just not care when we grew apart, after how close we had been.
Now, I am not writing this to get a pity party.
That is not the point I want to get across here.
 One reason I am writing this is to tell you how grateful I am for those girls who have been there for me these past few years.
Jamie, Ash, Brooke, and Karin.
Thanks girls, I love ya.
And of course I wouldn't be here without my family.
All my cousins, (you know who you are) my mom, sister, Mazee,
and all the Ferg sisters (including Renae, Shell and Kath)
Enough said, you get the point. 
 Thanks for listening to me vent everyone, I bet a lot of you feel the same way about some girl friends as well?
Well I can now say LET IT OUT, it feels a lot better :)


  1. Yes, girls suck. I've always felt that way too. I'm lucky to have the girl-friends that I do. Em- I'm not going anywhere, like it or not! ;) You're the best.