Jul 26, 2011

what the?

Ok I really need some help here.
Today I decided it was time for a change so I went to upload a new photo for my header.
I uploaded it and when I viewed it, it was way to big because I forgot to hit the "shrink to fit" button.
So I went back in, re-did everything and a little thing popped up saying that I had "exceeded my photo upload quota" ??? And that if I want to upload new photos I have to buy storage space from Google?
Have any of you ever had this problem? 
I didn't think I changed my header that much? (like at all)
If you know what the heck is going on, or if I really do have to buy storage? or any help at all I would very much appreciate it.
So for now, I will remain headerless and unbelievably frustrated.
Thanks everyone.

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