Jul 28, 2011

Friday at the Zoo

Happy Thursday everyone. 
This week has been interesting, yesterday I woke up and was sick, like really sick
I can't remember the last time I have felt that sick, I just wanted to chop off my head and not be alive for a day. Seriously.
Went to bed last night feeling horrible and woke up feeling a little better and as the day has gone on I've felt a little better and better. 
I think it's an ear infection or something but we will see.
It's just so weird because it is leaving almost as fast as it came on, I'm interested to see how I feel tomorrow.
I wrote this post a few days ago and just forgot to put it up, so, wah lah.
Did you know I love the zoo? Like really really really love the zoo.
And the best part is now not only to I get to go with my sweetie and have a great time, now Kale recognizes the animals and is just as in love with the zoo as I am.
We randomly decided to go on Friday and I am so glad that we did.
It was a gorgeous day, ridiculously hot but we survived.
Here's a few pics from our day.
Daddy and Kale on the "CHOO CHOO" as Kale calls it.
Someday I will have one of these in my yard.
 He was DYING to go on the carousel.
 This is such an awful picture of him but I just had to share it because he was absolutely terrified of only this dinosaur, he absolutely loved all the others but this one was the biggest and the loudest and he didn't like it...
 Me and my little man on the carousel.

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