Jul 13, 2011

Another Happy Birthday to Londy, Linds, and Callen

Monday night my entire family on my mom's side got together for a bbq up at Mueller Park Canyon for Londy's, Lind's, and Callen's (two of my cousins) Birthdays.
It is so beautiful and green up there right now, if you haven't been up, grab some hot dogs, your hubby and kiddos if you got em' and go up for a few hours, it's gorgeous.
And if you don't have any of those things (or friends or family?) (I don't know) just give me a call, I'll go with you :) I luf it
 Oh Cuddi, I love you
 A "popido" as Londy would say
This is my maz,
 "Let's make a cranky face" "Ok Maz"
We ended up getting rained on after a few hours, stupid weather.
It was totally worth it, and Kale man had a blast.
Jon and Kale went for a little walk and on their way back down the little road Kale started booking it cause he saw grandpa who had been out of town and just gotten back, and as he was running down there was a freaking snake in the road, it wasn't a poisonous snake but still pretty big, and still a freaking SNAKE, I hate those bloody things. 
 Kale was literally inches from stepping on it as he was running down.
It freaked me out so bad, I screamed like a little girl.
 The snake just hurried into the bushes, and Kale didn't even notice it and kept running to grandpa.... Meanwhile I'm on the side of the road having a heart attack...
 Good times.

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  1. Looks like fun! Kale is getting so big! He's darling!